SolidWorks 2007 Tutorial - Simple Part and Drawing Creation

Drawing of part [ Part1-drawing.PDF ]

Part 1A

  • start a new Part
  • click the Sketch (Sketch commands) button
  • click the Sketch button to the right
  • select the top plane
  • click the Rectangle button
  • choose the first point at the origin and the other above and to the right somewhere
  • click the Select button
  • click the Smart Dimensions button
  • choose the top line and create a dimension above it and make the amount: 3
  • do the same for the line on the right
  • click the Exit Sketch button
  • click the Features (Feature commands) button
  • make sure you rectangle lines are show green if they are not then select the sketch in the list on the left
  • click Extruded Boss/Base button
  • change the depth to: .5
  • click on the OK button


Below is a video of the above steps being done.


Lamp Projects of Students

These lamp designs were created by students in the Spring 2008 session of CAD 222 at Southwestern College. AutoCAD 2008 and SolidWorks 2007 were used to create the designs.

Oscar B.


Steven C.


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