CAD 222 - In Class 1

Here are a few 3D wireframe and surface modeling tutorials / assignments for the first day of class in CAD 222. They are created for use with AutoCAD 2008. Most of the tools & techniques used in these tutorials are pre-AutoCAD 2007 and they should work at least as far back as AutoCAD 2000i. The locations of the tools will be different in versions of AutoCAD other than 2008.

You can see a larger view of each model by clicking on the images. The tutorials are in PDF files and they contain an embedded 3D model. There is also a link to view the model in 3D using the Autodesk Freewheel web service.

This tutorial shows how to create a 3D wireframe model from XYZ coordinates. The wireframe model is created using the LINE tool. The coordinates given are in absolute form and it is important to have the DYN mode button turned off in AutoCAD.
3D Wireframe CAD 222
1B uses absolute coordinates to create a set of node objects. The nodes are then connected with LINEs using OSNAPs to form a 3D wireframe model.
3D Wireframe CAD 222
Assignment 1C uses an improved technique of using POLAR tracking to create the lines of the 3D wireframe. It is important to note that the use of POLAR tracking along the Z-axis only works in AutoCAD 2007 and newer.
3D Model CAD 222
Assignment 1E builds on 1C. First a wireframe structure will need to be created from lines based on the dimensioned model. Then the 3DFACE command will be used to cover the wireframe with faces.
3D Model CAD 222
1F also requires that a wireframe model be created first. In this assignment the RULESURF command will need to be used to create surface objects to cover the wireframe.
3D Model CAD 222



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